Update 1.3 - Hook, Ladders and a lot more !


Here is the new 1.3 version of Zend!  This new version features mainly add ladders and a hook system increasing the amount of things you can do with the engine! 

But it also had, as always, bug fixes, new scripts for flexibility and a playable HTML5 version.

Here is the full changes list:

  • Added ladders
    • They work in both gravity modes
    • Various options to control how climbing a ladder works
    • AI interactions with ladders
  • Added a hook system
    • Right click to create a hook, fixing to the first solid object find
    • If the object move, the hook move with it
    • Various options to control how the hook works
  • New generic AI and actions
    • Create advanced actions to control the behavior of AI
    • AI can now climb ladders
    • Fixed some bugs when dealing with auto movements
  • Added new generic parent entities
    • Creating his own entity is now easier
    • New scripts to interact with entity
    • Added an option to control the behavior of an entity when his velocity is reset
  • Added game pad support for basic controls (left/right/up/down) more coming soon
  • Added the possibility to handle multiple height slopes
  • Jump options
    • Added a variable to control how much jump an entity can do
    • Added a variable to control jump height
    • Added a variable to activate wall jump or not
  • Entities are now using a state machine
    • Added new array to control basics speed like:
      • Gravity
      • Friction
      • Acceleration
      • Max vertical speed
      • Max horizontal speed
  • Added an option to link entities, so when an entity move all linked entities move accordingly
  • No more global variables
  • Use of regions in GM2 code
  • Fixed order of collisions with killing entities
  • Most basic movements functions are simplified removing the "id" argument
  • Fixed a bug where drawing the player sprite with an image_xscale equals to -1 would make a strange behavior

And more coming soon !

Thanks for your support.

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